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ZONeSEC will perform all needed research, development, integration and awareness raising work to yield a holistic system:


  1. By adopting a Total Security Approach, merging and balancing all relevant aspects in the design of an innovative Widezone surveillance system.

  2. To put in place by means of research, development and demonstration, a scalable framework and congruent prototype that will guarantee the seamless and cost-efficient surveillance of Widezones – irrespective of their type – enhancing to that effect the security of this hard to monitor infrastructure.

  3. To introduce a ground-breaking approach (DirectSIM) in simulating the behaviour of important sub-systems, threats and human entities. The resulting environment will be used for the early design and testing of the ZONeSEC components cost-efficiency while it could also be exploited for the realistic training of surveillance operators.

  4. To support with its valuable functions a total Early Detection and Situational Awareness mechanism that will be able to assist authorities and operators with the prevention of illicit activities even in the most complex, remote or demanding localized spaces.

  5. To dynamically assess how an activity might evolve into a threat for the well-being of the protected Widezone, fusing different information data which establishes an active and dynamic surveillance framework instead of the current passive and static one.

  6. To improve the sensor base and sensor intelligence for high quality input for the systems information fusion and processing framework, to detect various kinds of illicit activity pattern of activity with reduced rates of false alarms.

  7. To provide a new EU trendsetting benchmark for Widezones surveillance systems, by delivering a highly usable and on-line toolkit that will provide references, consultation and guidance services for the protection of infrastructure spreading across Widezones (EU-WSRT).

  8. To set a cornerstone for the standardization of equipment, network architecture, processes and methodologies for Widezones surveillance purposes on an EU level addressing the cross-cultural issues emerging from the diversity imposed by the citizens and their cultures, legislation etc. ZONeSEC aims at providing pre-normative standards through modern dual path standardization process: Standardization Organizations committees and workshop agreement/industrial specifications group.

  9. To provide recommendations on policies development aiming at harmonizing the European, National and Regional regulatory packages applicable to the protection of critical infrastructures in Widezones.

  10. To safeguard the societal acceptance of the proposed framework by adhering to the recommendations and expectations of the Societal Impact Expert Working Group.

  11. To set-up visible demonstrations of an innovative and a Unique Reference Surveillance System for the protection of Widezones in realistic situations.

  12. To support civil protection authorities in the formation and validation of proper safety procedures for the mitigation of the effects of illicit activities towards a Widezone. (esp. parts of the protected infrastructure that are  close to metropolitan or urban, semi-urban areas)

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ZONeSEC Objectives

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