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Towards a EU Framework for the surveillance of Wide Zones

The ZONeSEC Project 

ZONeSEC - Towards an EU framework for the security of widezones – is an EU FP7 project. ZONeSEC aims to address the needs of Widezones surveillance by defining a new European-wide framework, which will extend beyond a sole technical proposition.


ZONeSEC redefines the issue of security of Widezones by taking into consideration issues pertaining to costs, complexity, vulnerability, societal acceptance and ethics. ZONeSEC guarantees technological excellence by leveraging best of breed activity pattern recognition and state models, based on data from advanced low cost sensors, state of the art  simulation techniques, robust, resilient, and flexible and cutting edge ICT infrastructure, expert systems and reasoning for decision support and seamless large volume of data and information sharing to multiple channels.


Several pilots specializing in the detection of illegal unauthorized entrances to or trespassing premises; or actions to damage to or deployment of harmful devices on installations shall be fully demonstrated. These concern Water, Oil and Transnational Gas Pipelines; Highways and Rail tracks conveyed in six European countries.


The Global Objective of ZONeSEC is to support the security of citizens by providing a total solution for the protection of Widezone infrastructure

Project details

Grant agreement no: 607292

Starting date: 01/12/2014

Duration: 48 months

Total cost: EUR 14.163.695,89

EU contribution: EUR 9.262.731,96

Topic(s): SEC-2013-1.6-3 - Surveillance of wide zones: from detection to alert – Integration Project 

Call for proposal: FP7-SEC-2013-1

Funding scheme: CP-IP - Large-scale integrating project

Coordinator: EXODUS S.A.


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