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ZONeSEC FINAL EVENT - Widezone Surveillance for Critical Infrastructure Protection

27th of September 2018

ZONeSEC final event was obtained successfully in KAUNAS on the 27th of September 2018. The consortium had the opportunity for sharing the results of the four-year project, as well as hearing about similar initiatives, analyzing joint possibilities for collaboration, and discussing the future of widezone surveillance for critical infrastructure protection, in light of the forthcoming challenges. 

The workshop was co-hosted with the 13th International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security (CRITIS 2018)

Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas,

S. Daukanto g. 28,

Kaunas, Lithuania

For more information about the outcomes of the discussions that were held in ZONeSEC workshop and the overall presentations please follow the links below:

Conference Proceedings (.pdf file) 

Conference Presentations (.rar file)

Conference Media (.rar file)


14-15th of May, 2018


2nd ERNCIP Extended Virtual Fencing Meeting (EVF)

May 9th, 2018 Chania Greece

EXUS, DESFA, GAP, TELESTO participated into the 1st meeting «Early Warning Zones for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EWZ4CIP), on the 9th of March in Chania, hosted and organized by Gap Analysis, in which ZONESEC outcomes and project objectives were presented to JRC ENRCIP committee.

Meeting Agenda

ZONESEC Workshop on endorsement of a White Book: Good Practices for Critical Infrastructure Protection

May 8th, 2018 Chania Greece

Brief description of the workshop

The Security of Critical Infrastructures (CIs) is of paramount importance as their incapacity or destruction could cause serious problems on public health and safety, national economy, security of energy supply and stability of the inflicted area.

The workshop shall set the groundwork of an initiative that targets the provision of guidance to Oil & Gas operators on how to enhance the protection and resilience of their network. Drawing on the European Regulatory framework and leveraging ZONeSEC project results, the main requirements of a comprehensive Security Management Framework will be drafted in consultation with Oil & Gas experts.

The ultimate goal is the endorsement of a White Book that would serve as guidebook for the Oil & Gas sector on how to develop and implement a robust Security Management Framework to safeguard assets’ integrity and network’s uninterrupted operations.

Τhe Workshop will mainly cover the following key thematic areas:

  • Legislative framework on CI protection – Requirements for developing an Operator Security Plan (OSP)

  • Integrating and deploying new security technologies for CI protection

  • Main principles of an advanced Security Management framework addressing CI protection and resilience with emphasis on the Oil & Gas sector

  • ZONeSEC methodology for assessing security related risks, involving parameters such as feasibility, target attractiveness and vulnerability

  • Security Management System requirements with special reference to managerial and organizational factors

Τhe ZONeSEC Workshop targets on:

  • Setting up a Technical Advisory Group for Oil & Gas Sector, at national level

  • Dissemination of ZONeSEC main outcomes and objectives

  • Active involvement of Oil & Gas Sector experts and review of ZONeSEC results

  • Adoption of emerging surveillance technologies in accordance with EU & national policies

  • Identification of requirements for introducing a commonly accepted approach for the development of Operators Security Plans or equivalent procedures (at least at national level)

  • Identification of specific Security Industry Challenges to be managed in the future (at least at national level)

Zonesec workshop Agenda

“Targeted Actions for Increasing the safety of Nationally Designated as critical European Infrastructures - European Critical Infrastructure 2017”, 2nd Annual Conference

December 19-20, 2017

​EXO and DESFA will be present in the 2nd Annual Conference under the framework “Targeted Actions for Increasing the safety of Nationally Designated as critical European Infrastructures - European Critical Infrastructure 2017”, December 19-20 2017, Athens, Greece

The purpose of the conference is to present the status quo to the security of Greece's critical infrastructure in a geographical, geopolitical and economic context. The aim is to analyze the safety of all types of critical infrastructures by a newcomer danger, emphasizing mainly on critical infrastructures related to energy and transportation. Priority will be given to the thematic content of common operation practices and standards towards a better co-ordination and co-operation between all involved agencies, the holistic design of infrastructures against all hazards and the impacts of their damage in our day to day operation. 
Τhe event is organized and hosted by the Center of Security Studies ( ) and is co-financed by the European Internal Security Bureau which includes a series of additional Supplementary actions and traditions with a view to achieving a mutually acceptable level of security of critical infrastructures. 
Under these frames, DESFA and EXO have been invited to participate in this event by presenting the latest outcomes achieved within ZONeSEC project ( ) and its main objectives towards our approach to further strengthen the overall security of EU critical infrastructures that cover a wide zone area. In addition EXO as the Coordinator of the Project will have the chance to meet relevant stakeholders in National level and discuss upon security /operational issues that currently concern them and investigate how ZONeSEC would be possible to address these issues by providing a cost efficient and effective solution. 

More info in :

"Smart Cities and Mobility as a Service" International Conference

December 7-8, 2017

​ZONeSEC presentation in International Conference “Smart Cities and Mobility as a Service” Patra, Greece on December 2017.

ATTD will participate in the International Conference “Smart Cities and Mobility as a Service”, University of Patras  – 7-8 December 2017, Patra and will disseminate project information.

European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERNCIP) hosted by JRC

November 28, 2017

​Mr. Dimitris Drakoulis (Telesto Technologies) and Mrs. Anastasia Chalkidou (GAP Analysis) on behalf of the ZONeSEC Consortium will attend the ERNCIP initiative and meet experts/policy makers across different  EU countries in order to share/exchange information about ZONeSEC’s vision, technologies offered and standardization issues relevant to our developed technologies.  In particular, ZONeSEC seek a close collaboration in 3 different areas that JRC and ERNCIP are focusing on within this thematic group (TG) which are:

1. AS-IS situation in security in critical infrastructures,

2. Technical solutions existing vs. new ones offered by ZONeSEC and

3. Standardization activities supported by ERNCIP/JRC.

The European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERNCIP) is a project hosted by the JRC, in partnership with DG Home, that aims at "fostering the emergence of innovative, qualified, efficient and competitive security solution, through the networking of European experimental capabilities".

The scope of the group is nterested in every possible device or sensor that could be put together to create virtual perimeters for the protection of specific areas of Critical Infrastructures and soft targets.

You can find further information about the ERNCIP Project at the following link: 

Milipol Paris 2017

November 21-24, 2017

DXT will present ZONeSEC at Milipol  (Milipol Paris is the leading event dedicated to homeland security) in Paris end of November : Other ZONeSEC partners will also have booth at this event.

International conference: Challenges of Contemporary Society II

November 17, 2017

ISIG presented results of a research conducted within the ZONeSEC project during an international conference entitled  International conference: Challenges of Contemporary Society II, Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 17. November, 2017. The presentation was in a form of paper presentation with the title “Perception and acceptance of monitoring/control technologies: evidence from European project ZONeSEC” in the conference session dedicated to the Topic: Management, business and workforce issues in the 21st Century, Subtopic: Ethical issues in today’s business world


More info about conference in:

European Forum for Urban Security 2017

November 15-17, 2017

Atos presented ZONeSEC during conference dedicated to the co-production of urban security policies and organised by the European Forum for Urban Security  in Barcelona between 15 and 17th of November 2017. 


ZONeSEC End-users Workshop and Standardization Workshop 2017

October 18-19, 2017

On behalf of the ZONeSEC Consortium, we are pleased to invite you to the End-User & Standardization Workshops that will be held at Stratos Vassilikos Hotel, Athens, Greece on 18th and 19th October, 2017.

For more details please download the workshop agenda

124th French National Congress of Firefighters

October 11-14, 2017

The 124th National Congress of Firefighters took place in France from October the 11th to the 14th 2017. DXT presented ZONeSEC and explained the possibilities offered by this project for surveillance of large area and early detection of incident. 



CRITIS 2017 International Conference

October 8-13, 2017

In 2017, the International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security reaches its 12th anniversary. CRITIS 2017 continues the tradition of presenting innovative research and exploring new challenges in the field of critical (information) infrastructures protection (C(I)IP) and fostering the dialogue with stakeholders. CRITIS 2017 renews efforts to bring together researchers and professionals from academia, industry and governmental organisations working in the field of the security of critical (information) infrastructure systems.

ZONeSEC will be represented from EXODUS S.A. Dimitris Petrantonakis will present ZONeSEC concept and project's current developments in the field of Critical infrastructures.

For more details please follow the Link

ARES 2017 Conference

September 1, 2017

Atos presented paper  named “ZONESEC: built-in cyber-security for wide area surveillance system”  in S-CI 2017 Workshop, in conjunction with ARES 2017, from 29 august-1 September in Reggio Calabria, Italy.  Authors of this paper are Aljosa Pasic, Jose-Ramon Martinez-Salio, Susana Gonzalez Zarzosa and Rodrigo Diaz, all of them from Atos.

For more details please follow the Link

Security Forum in Barcelona 

May 17, 2017

ZONeSEC project was present at Security Forum event on 17th of May 2017. This event is focused on showcase of innovation related to security systems, especially around CCTV and other types of sensors, systems integration, physical security, but in this 5th edition also extended to logical security. It was a great opportunity to learn about developments and technological news, as well as to have a number of bilateral interviews with potential partners. 

For more details please follow the Link

UACS 2017 International Conference

May 25, 2017

2th annual international academic conference on European integration named “RETHINKING MIGRATION, ECONOMIC GROWTH AND SOLIDARITY IN EUROPE” was held in Skopje  on  25 May 2017. While overall conference focus is on scenarios of European future, it also contained multi-disciplinary presentations from EU projects. ZONeSEC was present with a poster, prepared by Marina Andeva (ISIG), Aljosa Pasic and José-Ramón Martínez-Salio (ATOS) while presentation was prepared and given by Marina Andeva.

For more details please follow the Link

ISCRAM 2017 Conference

May 21-24, 2017

Diginext presented ZONeSEC COP in a shared presentation with INACHUS project from  21-24/05/2017  at  ISCRAM (International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response And Management) in Albi, Occitanie Pyrenees-Mediterranee, France

For more details please follow the Link

Les Technos Days De Valabre 2017

May 22-24, 2017

The technological revolution has become our daily life. Our professional lives are heavily impacted, the speed with which these technologies are deployed and their diversity have a direct influence on crisis management. The Technos Days of VALABRE, centred on surveillance and crisis management, took place in France from May the 22nd to May the 24th. On the strength of this observation, the Entente de Valabre offers you a focus on these topical technologies. ZONeSEC poster and flyers were presented by DIGINEXT at event called "Les Technos Days de Valabre" from 22-24 of May 2017 in Gardanne, near Aix.   It was the perfect occasion to present ZONESEC and explain the possibilities offered by this project for surveillance of large area as well as their visualisation and interaction.

For more details please follow the Link

CIPRE 2017 Conference 

May 9-11, 2017

CIPRE 2017 was held in The Hague, The Netherlands between 09 May and 11 May 2017. Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe Expo is an annual event with much focus on convergence between critical infrastructures and cybersecurity.  The potential threats to critical infrastructure and a focus on ‘Transport, Energy & Telecomms Infrastructure’ were among highlights of this event. Presentation named “ Security Infrastructure Extended Over Wide Areas Using Sensors as an Asset: ZoneSec, A Holistic Approach” was given by José-Ramón Martínez-Salio from Atos, technical manager of ZONeSEC Project.

For more details please follow the Link

CySHA 2016 International Conference

December 2016

In December 2016, ADITESS participated in the International Conference "Safety and Health in Facilities Management" organized in Cyprus from the local Safety and Health Association.

The presentation “Advanced Technologies for CI Protection from CBRN Hazards” was given by Mr. Nikolaos Koutras. ZONeSEC project was presented focusing on the outcomes of the project and how they can be used in cases of CBRN hazards. Also ZONeSEC was introduced for the provision of physical security through the surveillance of widezones and large areas with the deployment of both fixed sensors and aerial surveillance units, illustrating the benefits of deploying UAVs for the prompt assessment of areas.

For more details please follow the Link

CIRAS 2016 International Conference

June 8, 2016

ATOS participated in the CIRAS final conference (8th of June 2016 at Katowize, Poland) making a presentation on ZONeSEC and its possible synergies with CIRAS hub.

For more details please follow the Link

RSCy 2016 International Conference 

April 5, 2016

A presentation of ZONeSEC project took place during the 4th International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment (RSCy 2016). The agenda of the conference can be found here.

Specifically, the presentation with title “Towards a Framework for the Security of Widezones (ZONeSEC)” was given by Mr. Nikolaos Koutras during the Workshop “Defence and Security Geo Intelligence” of the second day (Tuesday, 5/4/2016) of the conference. The workshop focuses on space and other technologies for maritime, land border and critical infrastructure monitoring.

During the event,and beyond the presentation, ADITESS informed the participants about the ZONeSEC project and its outcomes.

For more details please follow the link

European Civil Protection Forum 2015

May 2015

ZONeSEC presentation at Civli Protection Forum in Belgium on May 2015.

The Civil Protection Forum is the largest recurring public even on European civil protection cooperation. It is organized very two years by the European Commission's Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department (ECHO). EXODUS had the opportunity to disseminate information about ZONeSEC project, through EXO’s dedicated booth.

For more details please follow the Link

UNECE Workshop on Vulnerability and Security of Critical Transport Infrastructure

September 8, 2015

Attikes Diadromes will participate at the UNECE Workshop on Vulnerability and Security of Critical Transport Infrastructure presenting the scope and objectives of ZONeSEC.

For more details please follow the Link

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