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ZONeSEC Synergies and/or any other sort of regular Collaboration 

R&D Projects


INACHUS aims to achieve a significant time reduction related to Urban Search and Rescue (USaR) phase by providing wide-area situation awareness solutions for improved detection and localisation of the trapped victims assisted by simulation tools for predicting structural failures and a holistic decision support mechanism incorporating operational procedures and resources of relevant actors.

SURVEILLE is a cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary collaborative research project funded by the European Commission analyzing the ethical issues, legal limitations and efficiency of the use of surveillance technologies for the prevention, investigation and prosecution of serious crime.

The VALUESEC project aims at correcting this weakness by providing public authorities with a decision support tool-set to analyze different aspects decision process and make decisions based on sound economic analysis.



The CIRAS project is devoted to the advancement of protection of critical infrastructures in Europe. It is a two-year project which was launched in September 2014 by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Home Affairs from a call for proposals on Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and Other Security-Related Risks (CIPS).
CIRAS aims at supporting decision-makers by providing a methodology and toolset to compare several alternatives. The project promotes a new approach to risk assessment in critical infrastructure protection (CIP). It is focused on advanced risk assessment which compares security measures alternatives and takes into account the typical critical infrastructure (CI) effects of inter-dependencies of systems, and of cascading and escalation of incident consequences.



ADIT initiated a discussion with CIPRnet project ( in an effort of clustering with other projects. Physical meeting with a partner of CIPRnet, located in Cyprus, was held.

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